Working Area of LOOM

We strengthen multi-generational women's knowledge and skills to demystify the myths around Sexuality and Body Politics assisting the sustainability of women's activism.
We organise the collective power of women that question the systemic discrimination prevailing in our structure by reframing women's narratives from feminist lenses.
We recognise and build feminist knowledge resources and engage with feminist allies and alliances to enrich feminist agendas.
Her Space
Her Space is a resource centre which explores the opportunities to advance the women's movement and exposes the new challenges concerned with women's activism.
Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
We adopt right-based multi-generational approach to advocate for CSE, Sexual and Reproduction Health Rights (SRHR), Sexuality and Freedom of Expression for young girls affirming their leadership development and capacity building.


Girls are organizing in creative and impactful ways, yet they remain absent from decision making processes and key movement building spaces. It’s time to acknowledge the amazing ways girl organizers are generating change in their communities. LOOM Nepal are proud to share the first-ever participatory research led by girls on girl-led activism!

Documentation Project
Access to SRHR services by Queer women, Transgender man, Intersex and Non-binary people

The documentation project seeks to identify obstacles/ barriers faced by lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and asexual women, transgender men and women, intersex women, non – binary and queer people to access and use of sexual rights and reproductive rights services in the complicated and conservative environments such as Nepal. It will explore ad hoc strategies adopted by individuals and groups to address the challenges they face in accessing services. To better understand and help situate the respondents in their contexts, the study will include an intersectional analysis.

In order to make better comparisons, baselines in the selected areas will be taken. The study will gather experiences of non-queer women, their organisations and medical professionals in each of the targeted geographical areas. These baselines will help an understanding of the general access and service provision in Nepal over which we will be able to lay the specific experiences of queer women trans men and trans masculine people. The final research will lead to recognition and inclusion of SRHR issues faced by LGBTIQ+ women, trans men and non-binary people in the ongoing advocacy for access and use of SRHR rights and services.

To be a part of the survey, please go to the link below:

Support Initiative for Women in Action

Support Initiative for Women in Action (SIWA) is a project introduced in women-led community-based organizations that focuses on feminist accompaniment, feminist knowledge building, and networking by organizing capacity-building workshops, maintaining CBOs' engagement with groups and local government and developing the strategy of CBO for the sustainability of CBO.



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