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We Unite, We Rise and We Resist 9 September, 2015, Today, 5000 women and men of all generations poured the streets in Kathmandu re- asserting women’s rights, and reclaiming our space. What is the point of revolution when women can’t dance? Since the interim constitution was promulgated in 2006, women of Nepal have spearheaded campaigns, merged with diverse movements demanding equality for all, power redistribution, and state obligation to ensure the constitution recognises, and promotes women’s rights without compromises. After 9 years of movement building, the campaign renamed as women’s collective campaign for women friendly constitution has reemerged pouring the public space again as the state failed to comply their due diligence for women in areas of citizenship, sexual health rights, reproductive health rights, value for work, participation as decision makers in governance bodies etc. Women in Nepal are not a homogeneous group; we are diverse in our language, culture among others. Today we represent diverse women’s movement; disability, sexual orientation, rural, minorities, young people, madhesi, dalit, kamlari, urban poor, religious minorities, indigenous, entertainment sector workers, sex workers, mobility among others engaged in various professions as lawyers, journalists women defenders among others. The way forward is that the issue of citizenship in the name of mother ( AND not OR), participation of women (33% in central bodies and 50% in local bodies) has been submitted for amendments in the constitution, and we need endorsements from 61 Constituent Assembly members to commit, and convince the Parliamentarians to take it forward for discussions. The hastag for this movement was #womentakeovernepal “dear state actors, cordoning my freedom to enter public space as a woman may have made you powerful but the power within me and my comrades has made me more powerful than you are. I am in the my public space demanding my rights as a citizenship of nepal!my body my automony. why should me and my child be denied of citizenship when you blow your equality horn. “

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