About Us

The Beginning

Registered in 2010, we are a feminist platform that recognises the diversity and intersectionality of women of Nepal and collaboratively engages to dismantle the power hierarchy, sustain activism, and reimagine feminist movement.

LOOM works towards harnessing the collective power of women through multi-generational activism, where activists across ages and experiences connect, organise and transform structures that obstruct our equality.


Our Journey

Right Here, Right Now

Founded in 2010, the idea of LOOM was built on the idea that women of Nepal are born free but our existence is compromised by the inherent discriminatory social practices.  We are discriminated on the grounds of disability, sexual identities, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, caste, and geography that are reinforced by patriarchy and translated into control over mobility, physical integrity, psychology and sexuality. And we want to be free, and define our lives.  We want to reimagine our feminist movement, co- exist with diversity of women, rethink alternative mode of sustainability, and reframe languages of equality and transformation.

We are a group of individuals and organisations dedicated to movement building, young women’s leadership, sexuality and bodily integrity, LBT rights and feminist politics of the Internet. LOOM works at local and national levels.

Our Vision

An equal society where women from multi generation have access to agencies and have freedom to decide for them and communities based on political participation and ownership.

Theory of Change

LOOM mobilises with allies to bridge capacities on organizational development, bodily integrity, generate feminist knowledge and movement to transform structures that that inhibit equality.

Our Partners

Thapathali, Kathmandu
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