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LOOM has been advocating on the women’s rights and queer rights supporting the feminist movement in Nepal. It focuses on Gender, Internet and Technology, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

  • Gender, Technology and Sexuality 

LOOM advocates for access of internet and information to women and queer individuals. As the technology has been gendered even in this modern time LOOM works for breaking the stereotypical barriers and advocated for freedom of expression regardless of gender. 

In 2017, LOOM conducted the first research in Nepal on ‘The internet and sexual expression’ which focus on the use of the internet by women’s rights activists, young women activists and gender and sexual rights activists. The research illustrated that internet was accessed for freedom of expression, right to information, and digital movement building. Yet some bodies were more surveilled and regulated, and online violence was a manifestation of offline discrimination. 


Chari is an innovation that visualizes young girls and women as a pioneer of the futuristic technology.  It encourages the freedom of choices and opportunity in STEM and help to set the feminist agenda amplifying through multigenerational activism. 

Chari is a first feminist technology of Nepal which uses the LINUX operating system. It uses a smart chip which is integral part of Cell phones these day. This small piece of hardware has made the Chari simple, easy and user friendly. The system is built in the Nepali language which surpasses the language barrier making it more accessible to semi urban area of Nepal.

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  •  Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive Sexuality Education project supports in capacity building of young women and advocates on sexuality and SRHR at community and national level. It develops and reviews the curriculum about CSE applying right based approach and emphasizes in age-specific CSE curriculum. It also helps the partner organizations in advocating the women’s movement through digital storytelling by using the technology. Social media like Facebook helps to share information among the project’s beneficiaries and communication strategy helps to make the project activities more effective and efficient. While advocating on sexuality education, the differences that exist on the social values and sexuality education creates a challenging situation regarding safety and security. CSE project helps to mitigate those challenges through the discussion and awareness campaigns. 

CSE aims to build a platform for advocacy about the sexuality and gender along with awareness campaign on comprehensive sexuality education in the community. It conducts various programs to share Experience and knowledge and to learn about the comprehensive sexuality education with the young women and youth the collaboration with Community based organizations.

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