SIWA is a feminist accompaniment process working with community level women’s collectives in the area of feminist leadership, harnessing feminist agenda, building institutional strategy and self- led financial sustainability.

 This 18-month feminist collaboration jumpstarts by identifying partner organizations working on advocacy on women’s rights and entrepreneurship. It is based on multi-generational engagement equipping community level activist with resources and opportunity of power sharing with in the feminist movement.

Partners go through a rigorous process of setting organizational strategies, building capacities on sexuality plotting ideas and resource generation on business development projects.

The collaboration ends with an adequately funded entrepreneurship project, and a robust feminist organisational strategy.

Pillars of SIWA

  1. Value of Women’s Collective Experience
  2. Feminist Transitional Leadership
  3. Women led governance
  4. Social Innovation based enterprise
  5. Youth ownership in feminist movement

Project Objectives:

  • Assist women led organisations in developing their organisational strategy;
  • Co creates resources for economic sustainability of individuals and organisations;
  • Bridge capacities of organisation on feminist agenda leading to collective solidarity and
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