TEAM Members


Manisha Shrestha

Senior Program Coordinator

Manisha Shrestha is a feminist who is working as a Senior Programme Coordinator at LOOM. She has a Bachelors’s degree in Development Studies (BDEVs) and Masters degree In Economics. She enjoys listening to music, reading, and traveling.

Jenisha Maharjan

Program Officer

Zenisha Maharjan (Zen) is a calm and supportive feminist who believes in the process of making and sticks to it to accomplish any projects. She is a problem solver and most understanding and kind being you will ever meet. She has finished her Bachelor’s  degree in Arts and Social Work. Her hobbies is to explores different cuisines and go for a Long walks and trekking in the mountain.


SHagun Thapa

Accountant Assistant

Sagun is a young & energetic personality who works at LOOM as an Account Assistant.


Sabina Neupane

Office Assistant

Sabina is a young feminist who wants to be independent and enjoys her work. She has great cooking skills.



Aruna Karki

Associate Program Officer 

Aruna is a quirky feminist working in Loom as a Program Associate who has graduated in Media Studies from Kathmandu University School of Arts. She is also highly interested in Photography and Writing. She loves to explore the unpaved and unexplored part of Inner Terai


BOARD Members


Sarita Kumari Dahal

Vice Chair Person

Sarita Kumari Dahal is a women rights activist. She holds a Master’s degree in Rural Development from Tribhuvan University, Bachelor Degree in Law and Postgraduate Degree in Psychosocial Counseling from Nepal.

She had worked in various capacities in different organizations  like WOREC, UMN, Enfant & Development, UNFPA. And currently she is working as Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) Expert with Province and Local Government Support Program (UNDP/PLGSP). She has over twenty years’ experience in the Gender, GESI, Women Rights/ Human Rights and Humanitarian sector.


Gita Thapa

General Secretary

Gita is a women’s rights activist who believes in multigenerational activism and works for diverse issues of women’s movement in Nepal. She is currently engaged in LOOM as a general secretary.


Rukshana Kapali



Jyotsna Maskay

Executive Chair

Jyotsna is an intersectional feminist and draws her knowledge and experiences from the feminist movement in Nepal.  Jyotsna is a founding chair at LOOM, a feminist collective that adopts multi-generational activism working on the intersection of gender sexuality freedom of expression and movement building. She also runs the “Women in Cinema Fellowship South Asia” for women and those who identify as women filmmakers. Jyotsna also runs an arts residency space. She is also a chairperson of WOREC, a leading feminist national organization. Her four dogs own her, and saving up for trips with friends is her bliss.




Parina Subba Limbu

Aruna Chaudhary

Shiwa Karmacharya

Laxmi Nepal

Sunita Shah


Importance of teamwork, loyalty, support, sharing of knowledge, reaching personal and common goals. Together we have created a harmonious work environment. It is very important that every team member feels like an important part of the organisation and we are proud of, and appreciate all of our specialist team.



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