We collaborate with young women – individuals and networks, mother’s group, Women Human Rights Defenders and women’s rights organisations to bridge capacities on bodily integrity and women’s movement to transform structures that inhibit equality.

Working area of LOOM

  • We bridge feminist leadership and collectives of women’s rights activists and between activists for learning and support, solidarity and sustainability.
  • We engage in Feminist Epistemologies as a process to collectively produce new and diverse knowledge that dismantles patriarchy, challenges the status quo and sets new agendas. Our space in Kathmandu works as a hub for workshops and exchanges to generate momentum that fuels women’s movement.
  • We advocate for the recognition of sexuality as bodily autonomy and human rights rather than prevention of diseases.
  • We engage with the internet as a political space; we recognise that online violence is a manifestation of offline violence and we build and promote a digital movement that addresses such phenomena.



Thapathali, Kathmandu

015351709 , 015351335

P.O Box: 4648

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